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Shingo Yabuki Portrait

It's been 4 years since I drew a Shingo portrait! Shingo is definitel one of my favorite characters from King of Fighters and for years I had a crush on him~ he's so cute and naive~
Kensou, Shingo and Kyo are my dream team on KOF98! you can tell how old I am, since I KOF98 is my favorite KOF to play (although KOF97 is my favorite by story ) lol

Anyway, I love Shingo and I decided to re-draw an old portrait of him I did in 2016, and I'm so happy with the result! is good to see these comparisons because is hard to remind myself that, I have grow as an artist. I'm very self-conscious with my art. When I was young I was so arrogant and I thought my art was the shit! and that prevented me from actually improving, and for years I didn't listen to advice from professors or peers.

I've grown! and now I'm very critical of my own art and I like to check my past art and look for flaws so I can improve with any new piece I make!

Anyway, here is the result of many hours in front of the computer.